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Donald Trump is the most unqualified U.S. presidential candidate in the history of our country. Why? Let’s take a look inside his brain to find out…

Donald Trump has a history of weaseling out of deals and stiffing small businesses out of what he owes. In fact, it recently came to light that Trump Casinos owed the people of New Jersey as much as $30 million, but settled and only paid $5 million.

Mr. Trump often flip-flops on his positions depending on political convenience. For instance, in 1999 he was pro-choice. But since he began running for the Republican ticket, he is now pro-life. He said in an interview that if there were a ban on abortion, women had to face “some form of punishment.” Just hours later, he flip-flopped and stated, “the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act” would be held responsible. 

Donald Trump is destroying America with his explosive rhetoric, causing massive divisions in our country. By abandoning the niceties of political correctness, he is unleashing hatred at many of his rallies.

In a speech in North Carolina, Mr. Trump said that if Hillary Clinton became president, she would stock the U.S. Supreme Court with anti-Second Amendment judges, and there was nothing to be done by gun rights advocates. But he suggests maybe there was. Inciting or even suggesting violence has no place in American politics, and relatives of John and Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ronald Reagan have condemned Trump. 

Trump has a very short fuse and is easily baited into epic feuds on Twitter. When he was criticized by the father of a slain soldier, Trump attacked back, even though he risked backlash from members of his own party. Imagine him having the nuclear launch codes at his fingertips. And yes, this is a presidential power.

Donald Trump wants to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and get Mexico to pay for it. This wall will cost upwards of $25 billion and the president of Mexico has already said “no way.” 

Donald Trump tops Politifact’s list of politicians who lie the most. Most recently he claimed that President Obama founded ISIS and that our election system is rigged against him.

True to his tit-for-tat nature, Trump said in an interview that he would not protect our NATO allies unless they “fulfilled their obligations to us.” This is akin to the old mafia method of offering “protection” in exchange for money. Our NATO alliance has survived for decades, and we have an obligation to protect our allies.

Mr. Trump is an admirer of Russian president Vladimir Putin. In fact he once wondered if Putin and him will become best friends. Trump’s ties to Russia are deep and have been for a while. Is that why he called on Russia to hack Hillary Clinton to find some missing emails? Is that why the DNC was hacked? Or maybe Vladimir Putin is just playing Trump.

Donald Trump is a plain old nutter. He says things at rallies until he gets a reaction. He iterates until he gets a better reaction, like a child. In fact, he’s a manifestation of machine learning. In the end Trump is a narcissist, the worst kind of leader to represent everyone in America.